We maintain, overhaul, and undertake complex repairs on most General Aviation Aircraft below 5700Kg that are not used for Commercial Air Transport and which have an EASA approved type certificate. This ranges from simple ad hoc defect rectification, through 50 hour checks, and structural repairs, to Annual Inspections. Call James to schedule. Simple 50 hour checks and defects can be undertaken whilst you wait (or try lunch in the restaurant) providing they are scheduled in advance.

Our application for maintenance approval for non EASA types, called Annex 2 (Historic) Aircraft has just been approved.

We also maintain a wide range of FAA or “N” registered American Aircraft and have our own in house FAA approved IA.

We also repair and overhaul many components from hoses and magnetos to cylinders.

We undertake a wide range of avionic repairs, modifications and new installations, again using our own in house Avionic Engineer who specialises in General Aviation Aircraft. if you need an avionic annual, 3 year check or have been living with a noisy intercom, erratic glidescope, or irritating defect please contact George, he will be pleased to help.

We also offer a range of specialised services, including pre buy inspections (particularly TB20 &TBM750/850), aircraft accident recovery, and Permit to Fly if your aircraft is out of annual and needs to fly to an Airfield where the maintenance work can be carried out. We can also help you transfer your aircraft from the FAA or non UK Registry to the UK, it simplifies maintenance in the long term, and avoids the impending EASA licence restrictions. Contact Graham or James for pre buy and Humphrey for Permit to fly and Aircraft transfers.

For detailed information on Scope of Approvals please click on approvals opposite.